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Wash. Senate OKs Low-carbon Fuels Bill

The Washington Senate approved a bill that would require an increased use of biofuels to cut carbon emissions from vehicles. | Walter Siegmund, via Wikimedia Commons

The Democrat-controlled Washington Senate barely passed a cap-and-trade bill designed to trim industrial carbon emissions. | Washington Department of Ecology

New York state officials and advisers disagree on the merits of a moratorium on new natural gas infrastructure. | E3

A solar plus pumped hydro storage project proposed by the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative could produce a quarter of the island’s energy requirements. | KIUC

The New Jersey BPU released a proposal to restructure the state's solar programs to help it meet its goal of quadrupling capacity by 2035. | Shutterstock

Tesla is backing a bill in New York that it says would protect dealer franchises while allowing ZEV manufacturers to grow through direct sales. | © RTO Insider LLC

FirstLight Power’s CEO says the deregulated wholesale electricity markets are doing “a terrible job of valuing storage.” | FirstLight Power

energy coach

Local leaders in Newton, Mass., created a new energy coach position to help individuals and small businesses achieve energy efficiency. | Asha Iyer

Speakers at an Atlantic Council webinar on smart surfaces say that greening roofs and sidewalks should be an integral part of Biden’s infrastructure plan. | Shutterstock

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