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Texas Seeks a Way Forward in Wake of Outages

ERCOT Blame Share: Weather (54%); Equipment (14%), Gas (12%)

“Weather-related” issues accounted for most of February’s widespread and lengthy outages in Texas, far more than equipment failures or lack of gas, ERCOT said. | Luminant

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Stakeholder Soapbox: Berkshire’s Proposal Will Prevent Another Texas Power Catastrophe

BHE Infrastructure Group CEO Chris Brown responds to Steve Huntoon's column criticizing BHE's proposed power solution for future severe weather in Texas. | Berkshire Hathaway Energy

Counterflow: Beware Those Bearing Gifts

Steve Huntoon shares why he is skeptical of Berkshire Hathaway Energy's proposal to give Texas 10 GW of emergency generation in exchange for $8.3 billion. | NRG

Berkshire Hathaway Offers Texas Emergency Power Supply

Berkshire Hathaway is proposing to create an entity in Texas that would build and maintain 10 GW of natural gas-fired capacity and gas storage. | Entergy

Securitization Offers Texas a Way Forward

Texas lawmakers are considering securitization as a way to help market participants and customers saddled with costs from the February winter storm. | Texas House of Representatives

NY Power Panel Debates Gas Moratorium

New York state officials and advisers disagree on the merits of a moratorium on new natural gas infrastructure. | E3

ISO-NE, NEPOOL File ‘Jump Ball’ on Updated ORTP Values

ISO-NE and NEPOOL jointly filed updated offer review trigger price values with FERC under their “jump ball” provision.

SPP MMU Quarterly Report Focuses on Winter Storms

The SPP Monitor’s most recent quarterly State of the Market report is dominated by the historic winter weather events of mid-February.

Industry Warns of Hidden Dangers in Cyber Incentives

FERC’s proposal for incentivizing public utilities to invest in cybersecurity improvements provoked a range of reactions from industry stakeholders. | Shutterstock

EPRI: No Time to Lose on Resilience Research

Considerable work is needed from all industry stakeholders in order to properly appreciate resilience's value, according to a recent white paper from EPRI.

Conn. PURA Cybersecurity Report Highlights Phishing, Third-party Issues

The Connecticut PURA urged utilities to beef up cybersecurity protocols and test threat-response systems as cyberattacks continue to increase.

Cap-and-trade Bill Squeaks Through Wash. Senate

The Democrat-controlled Washington Senate barely passed a cap-and-trade bill designed to trim industrial carbon emissions. | Washington Department of Ecology

Wash. Senate OKs Low-carbon Fuels Bill

The Washington Senate approved a bill that would require an increased use of biofuels to cut carbon emissions from vehicles.

Kauai Solar + Pumped Hydro Project Raises Questions

A solar plus pumped hydro storage project proposed by the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative could produce a quarter of the island’s energy requirements.

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NE Grid Uses a Fraction of Storage Capability, FirstLight Says

FirstLight Power’s CEO says the deregulated wholesale electricity markets are doing “a terrible job of valuing storage.” | FirstLight Power

MISO-SPP Targeted Interconnection Study Moves Forward

The MISO-SPP joint targeted interconnection queue study has moved into its technical phase with a promise of more stakeholder involvement in the months ahead.

NY Pushes Electrification with Heat Pumps

New York state and its utilities are funding a $700 million program to support EE and building electrification, mainly through heat pump technologies.

Vistra Hurries Joppa Retirement, Plans Renewable Developments

Vistra said that it will idle units at its coal- and gas-fired Joppa Power Plant next year, three years earlier than planned.

FERC Seeks Comments on PJM Capacity Market

FERC is asking for stakeholder comments regarding its technical conference last month on capacity markets and the role of PJM’s MOPR. | Monitoring Analytics

Installing EV Chargers and Equity in Low-income Communities

ACEEE found that only six states have policies encouraging or requiring environmental justice be built into programs for rolling out EV chargers. | Shutterstock


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ERO Insider

PGE Execs Contrite over Feb. Outage Communications

PGE's CEO expressed regret over a breakdown in public communications as February's ice storms left nearly half the utility’s customers without power. | Portland General Electric

ERO Align Tool Goes Live for NERC, MRO, Texas RE

The first release of NERC's Align software platform and ERO Secure Evidence Locker is live for the organization, MRO and Texas RE.

NASEO to Granholm: Use FEMA Funds for Grid Resilience

Ensuring grid resilience is “one of the most urgent tasks in the energy sector,” NASEO told Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm.

NERC Warns of Batteries’ Hidden Thermal Risk

A new Lessons Learned report published by NERC goes over the mistakes that led to the fire and explosion of APS’ McMicken battery in Arizona.

SERC Board of Directors/Members Briefs: March 31, 2021

SERC Reliability CEO Jason Blake praised the regional entity’s new organizational structure at its inaugural Members Meeting. | SERC

Industry Unsold on NERC Virtualization Proposals

NERC’s proposed virtualization-related updates to its critical infrastructure protection standards are headed for another round of revisions. | Shutterstock

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Tesla: NY Climate, ZEV Sales Laws ‘Out of Sync’

Tesla is backing a bill in New York that it says would protect dealer franchises while allowing ZEV manufacturers to grow through direct sales. | © RTO Insider LLC

NJ Solar Proposal Seeks More Market Competition

The New Jersey BPU released a proposal to restructure the state's solar programs to help it meet its goal of quadrupling capacity by 2035.

Massachusetts City Puts Energy Coach to Work

Local leaders in Newton, Mass., created a new energy coach position to help individuals and small businesses achieve energy efficiency.

Bill Would Make NV Energy Aim Higher on EE

A Nevada bill calls on NV Energy to set more ambitious targets for its EE programs and direct more energy-savings efforts to low-income customers.

UPDATED: Senate Passes Wash. Refrigerant GHG Bill

A bill to dramatically reduce Washington’s GHG emissions from large refrigeration and air conditioners is on the brink of a final vote in the state Senate. | Shutterstock

Cooling Urban Heat Islands with ‘Smart Surfaces’

Speakers at an Atlantic Council webinar on smart surfaces say that greening roofs and sidewalks should be an integral part of Biden’s infrastructure plan. | Shutterstock


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