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UPDATED: FERC Proposes to Narrow RTO Incentive

FERC voted to approve a supplemental NOPR that would scale back a transmission rate adder designed to encourage utilities to join RTOs. | © RTO Insider LLC

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FERC OKs Carbon Pricing Policy Statement

FERC approved a policy statement Thursday on how it would review carbon pricing proposals in organized wholesale electricity markets, but there’s no indication it will be put to the test anytime soon. | Rhododendrites, via Wikimedia Commons

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UPDATED: MISO Capacity Auction Values South Capacity at a Penny

MISO’s ninth annual capacity auction cleared MISO South zones — two months removed from emergency load shed orders — at just a penny/MW-day. | MISO

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PacifiCorp Faces $42 Million Penalty for Line Misratings

PacifiCorp hopes to convince FERC it shouldn't have to pay $42 million for alleged violations that may have contributed to 2012's Wood Hollow wildfire. | Ken Lund, via Flickr

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FERC Rejects Mich. Transco's EV Charging Bid

FERC sided with 2 Michigan utilities in a turf war with METC over its request to spend $15 million on a pilot project to build chargers for long-haul trucks. | HDR Inc.

CEC Funds Cutting Edge Load Flexibility Project

The California Energy Commission has taken a step toward making millions of households part of demand response efforts designed to avoid blackouts and bolster the state’s clean-energy goals. | Roy Kaltschmidt, Berkeley Lab Public Affairs

CPUC Applies Stricter Oversight to PG&E

California's PUC used its new enhanced oversight & enforcement powers for the first time against PG&E, citing the utility’s failure to weigh wildfire risks.

Lawmakers Wave Through Texas PUC Appointees

Texas lawmakers on Tuesday unanimously confirmed Will McAdams to the Public Utility Commission by a 31-0 vote.

WECC Contingency Reserve Standard Ok’d

FERC gave final approval Thursday for NERC and WECC to introduce regional reliability standard BAL-002-WECC-3. | NERC

Texas RE Gives People ‘What they Want’

The Talk with Texas RE webinar featured discussions on human performance training sessions that were earlier halted because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

NERC Provides Cold Weather, Cyber Updates

NERC's CEO said that his organization thinks more work will be needed to prepare the bulk power system for extreme winter events, even with Project 2019-06.

Report: US Should Target 100% EV Sales by 2030

A report from UC Berkeley calls for massive ramp-up of solar and charging infrastructure so the U.S. can reach 100% EV sales by 2030. | Shutterstock

Study Says NC Needs Clean Energy Standard to Meet Climate Goals

North Carolina's upcoming decision on joining the RGGI, could be critical to its efforts to cut carbon emissions 70% by 2030, according to environmental advocates.

Hawaii Study Examines Carbon Tax Impact

A draft study on carbon pricing in Hawaii suggests that a structured carbon tax program would lower GHG emissions and could provide households with a dividend.

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MISO Auction

MISO Places 4-month Hold on Seasonal Auction, Stricter Accreditation

MISO postponed filing tariff revisions to implement 4 seasonal capacity auctions and impose a more rigorous accreditation process on participating resources. | © RTO Insider LLC

NYISO Monthly Energy Costs Up 98% Y-o-Y

NYISO locational-based marginal prices were down sharply in March compared to February’s average, though they were well above March 2020's average prices.

Mich. LDCs in Turf War with Transco over EV Charging

Two Michigan utilities are in a turf battle with Michigan Electric Transmission Co. over METC's request to spend $15 million on a pilot project to build charging facilities for long-haul trucks.

MISO Installs First Diversity Officer

MISO appointed insurance and banking executive Allegra Nottage as its first chief diversity officer after a nationwide search.

NJ Rate Counsel Turns to Supreme Court over Nuclear Subsidies

New Jersey’s Division of Rate Counsel appealed to the Supreme Court the dismissal of its suit seeking to block the BPU's ZEC program for nuclear plants. | Peretzp, via Wikimedia

Neil Smith Resigns from PJM Board

Neil Smith, the former CEO of generation developer InterGen, has resigned from the PJM Board of Managers. | © RTO Insider LLC


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Biden to Name Morgan Stanley’s Easterly as CISA Head

President Biden says he will name Jen Easterly to head the Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. | Clarissa Villondo, via Flickr

Industry Warns of Hidden Dangers in Cyber Incentives

FERC’s proposal for incentivizing public utilities to invest in cybersecurity improvements provoked a range of reactions from industry stakeholders.

EPRI: No Time to Lose on Resilience Research

Considerable work is needed from all industry stakeholders in order to properly appreciate resilience's value, according to a recent white paper from EPRI.

Conn. PURA Cybersecurity Report Highlights Phishing, Third-party Issues

The Connecticut PURA urged utilities to beef up cybersecurity protocols and test threat-response systems as cyberattacks continue to increase.

PGE Execs Contrite over Feb. Outage Communications

PGE's CEO expressed regret over a breakdown in public communications as February's ice storms left nearly half the utility’s customers without power. | Portland General Electric

ERO Align Tool Goes Live for NERC, MRO, Texas RE

The first release of NERC's Align software platform and ERO Secure Evidence Locker is live for the organization, MRO and Texas RE. | Texas RE

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NJ Outlines Plan to Boost EV Truck Sales

The New Jersey DEP unveiled proposed rules that would require manufacturers to meet increasing sales targets for medium- and heavy-duty electric trucks after 2025. | Shutterstock

Bill to Cut Refrigerant GHGs Goes to Inslee

The Wash. House voted 56-42 to send Gov. Jay Inslee a bill aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from air conditioners and large refrigeration units.

Solar Decathlon Trains Next Generation of Green Architects

The Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon, virtual this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, is showcasing nine net-zero homes designed by students.

IURC Slashes Vectren Net Metering Rate

The IURC approved a rule change to dramatically cut the net metering credits earned by rooftop solar owners in southwest Indiana.

Massachusetts Fishermen Brace for Offshore Wind

Massachusetts fishermen say constructing offshore wind turbines and embedding power cables into the ocean floor threatens their livelihood. | © RTO Insider LLC

NJ Looks to Boost Heavy-duty Charge Points

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities is preparing a draft proposal on how to encourage the installation of EV chargers for heavy-duty electric trucks. | Daimler Trucks North America


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