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Biden Targets Energy Sector in Supply Chain Order

President Joe Biden ordered a review of a number of critical sectors, including energy, in order to “strengthen the resilience of America’s supply chains.“ | The White House

Cold Weather Standards Team Sticking to Year-end Target

The team working on cold weather preparedness standards confirmed that the joint inquiry by NERC and FERC into the Texas outages will not affect its schedule. | © ERO Insider

NARUC: Leadership Support Essential to Cyber Build-out

NARUC released a guideline stating that public utility commissions must play a role in building their organizations’ cybersecurity expertise. | NARUC

Southern Calif. Could Fail RA Test, WECC Says

The California-Mexico subregion cannot maintain resource adequacy without imports, and the greatest risk of shortages is in Southern California, WECC said. | WECC

ERCOT was ‘Seconds and Minutes’ from Total Collapse

ERCOT said that enough generation had returned to service to stop the rotating outages that began Feb. 15. | ERCOT

Glick May Seek New Standards Following Texas Outages

FERC Chair Richard Glick said he may seek new reliability standards to ensure better preparation for severe winter conditions following outages in Texas and the Midwest.

NERC Standards Committee Briefs: Feb. 17, 2021

NERC’s Standards Committee moved forward with two standards projects, but not before revisiting an ongoing argument about the standards development process. | NERC

Anger Rises over Texas Power Restoration

The inability of Midwestern grid operators to recover quickly from extreme winter weather drew increasing customer anger, along with scrutiny from regulators. | Ken Bruce

NARUC: More Opportunities than Challenges in Drones

Drones have the potential to revolutionize utilities’ information gathering and grid resilience, according to speakers at NARUC's Winter Policy Summit. | NARUC

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