Michael Yoder

PJM Correspondent


Michael has been crafting stories for daily, weekly and monthly publications for more than two decades in Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. He has interviewed everyone from Academy Award-winners (Joel and Ethan Coen, Tommy Lee Jones) and Rock & Roll Hall of Famers (Alice Cooper, Dr. John, Brian Wilson), to presidential hopefuls and members of Congress. Michael is an award-winning journalist who was honored with several Keystone Press Awards for his investigative pieces. Electricity runs through Michael's body, from his great-grandfather who served as an early engineer for Pennsylvania Power & Light to the time he was struck by lightning in his home. Michael majored in English and history at Penn State University. 


Most Recent News

January 11, 2021
Members of PJM’s Public Interest and Environmental Organizations User Group unanimously endorsed a new charter for the stakeholder body. | © RTO Insider
January 10, 2021
New Jersey regulators received recommendations for a new incentive program for solar projects and approved two measures related to the state’s offshore wind projects. | Six Flags
January 6, 2021
PJM’s board told LS Power that FERC’s ruling affirming transmission owners’ rights over EOL planning rendered its request for analysis of project costs moot. | Asplundh Construction
January 4, 2021
COVID-19 was the defining problem of 2020 as PJM worked with stakeholders to overcome difficulties in coordinating deliberations on a host of issues, including the MOPR. | Avangrid
December 21, 2020
PJM's Markets and Reliability and Members Committees met to discuss market rules, tariff revisions and elect several new members. | © RTO Insider
December 17, 2020
FERC rejected a PJM joint stakeholder proposal regarding end-of-life projects, siding with transmission owners who argued the proposal violated their rights. | © RTO Insider
December 14, 2020
Infocast’s virtual Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Summit featured discussions on state clean energy procurements, OSW development, energy efficiency and decarbonization. | Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Summit
December 13, 2020
A summary of the issues scheduled to be brought to a vote at the PJM Markets and Reliability and Members committees on Dec. 17, 2020. | PJM
August 20, 2020
ReliabilityFirst’s monthly Technical Talk with RF focused on operational resilience, comparing it to traditional risk management. | ReliabilityFirst
March 18, 2020
FERC approved the PJM Transmission Owners’ critical infrastructure mitigation plan, the subject of several months of contentious debates over complaints that it lacks transparency and improperly restricts input by stakeholders and the RTO. | PJM