Jennifer Delony

New York/New England Bureau Chief


Jennifer lives in a world where the people are “too friendly,” everyone puts maple syrup on their French fries and cows wander the highways. She started her writing career as a B2B news editor in the local and long-distance telecommunications industries in the 90s. She began covering renewable energy issues at the local level in 2005 and covered U.S. and Canadian utility-scale wind energy as editor of North American Windpower magazine from 2006 to 2009. She also provided analysis for the oil and natural gas sectors as editor of Oilman magazine from 2014 to 2017. Most recently, she worked as the associate editor for PennWell’s Renewable Energy World, where she relaunched the popular podcast “Inside Renewable Energy.” She also worked as an analyst for PennWell’s TransmissionHub. When Jennifer isn’t writing, you’ll find her enjoying a quiet walk; trying to impress her chef husband with her mediocre cooking skills; or knitting her bazillionth hat — because in case you didn’t guess it, she lives in Vermont, and it gets very, very cold there.


Most Recent News

May 12, 2021
The NY Pollution Prevention Institute highlighted options for building upstream supply chain sustainability during an online brewers' summit this week. | Sing Sing Kill Brewery
May 11, 2021
The NY Climate Action Council Transportation Panel said market-based strategies like the TCI-P can support a mandate for 100% zero-emission vehicles by 2035. | Shutterstock
May 9, 2021
Ten companies have been selected to participate in the first carbontech accelerator program of the Carbon to Value Initiative. | Cocktailmarler, via Wikimedia
May 6, 2021
Boston is poised to take action on a proposed large building emissions performance standard released earlier this year. | Rob Summers, via Wikimedia
May 4, 2021
Republicans in Maine have sponsored a bill that gives the legislature last say in whether the state joins a multistate vehicle-emissions reduction program. | Shutterstock
May 2, 2021
The New England Women in Energy and the Environment recognized five industry leaders at its 10th annual awards gala. | NEWIEE
April 29, 2021
Connecticut regulators ruled that Eversource and UI did not meet acceptable standards in their response to Tropical Storm Isaias. | Eversource Energy
April 27, 2021
Bethany Gorham with Orion Energy Partners says net-zero planners need to set interim targets, set their scope and publish their plans. | NYUSPS Energy, Climate Justice and Sustainability Lab
April 26, 2021
The Vermont Climate Council could reinterpret its statutory obligations to delay delivery of the state's first climate action plan until early 2022. | Vermont Climate Council
April 22, 2021
Developers of hybridized generation and storage are finding the lack of standardized interconnection rules across regions to be a challenge. | National Renewable Energy Laboratory