Hudson Sangree

CAISO / West Correspondent


Hudson is a former reporter at The Sacramento Bee, where he covered real estate and other business topics, as well as courts, local government and breaking news. Previously he was a staff writer at the Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journals, the nation’s largest legal dailies, where he wrote about California’s energy crisis in the early 2000s. He holds a journalism degree from Stanford University and a J.D. from the Northeastern University School of Law in Boston. He has successfully avoided becoming an attorney for the last 20 years by working as a journalist. He lives in Sacramento with his wife and son.


Most Recent News

January 17, 2021
The California PUC ordered the state’s utilities to hasten the creation of microgrids, including establishing a $200 million incentive program for communities most at risk. | Siemens
January 13, 2021
CAISO and its sister state agencies released a final analysis of the mid-August blackouts and steps they are taking to prevent capacity shortfalls this summer and beyond. |
January 11, 2021
California Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed investing more than $1.5 billion in zero-emission vehicles to accelerate their adoption as part of his $227 billion budget plan. | Iwatani Corp. of America
January 3, 2021
CAISO’s top priority in 2021 will be making sure there is enough generating capacity for summer after last year’s shortfalls. | © RTO Insider
December 21, 2020
CAISO’s board voted to keep a gas plant operating to maintain reliability and received a briefing on initiatives to revamp the ISO’s resource adequacy construct.
December 17, 2020
FERC Commissioners Neil Chatterjee and Richard Glick rejected an effort by Chairman James Danly to take CAISO to task for the rolling blackouts of mid-August. | Shutterstock
December 16, 2020
The U.S. could double its reliance on renewable energy in the next decade by taking administrative actions under the incoming Biden administration, a study said Wednesday. | Wood Mackenzie
December 14, 2020
A proposal to extract lithium for battery production from geothermal wells in California moved forward when the CEC named members of a blue-ribbon panel to address the plan. | University of California
August 10, 2020
WECC waded into California’s wildfire troubles in an effort to understand how catastrophic blazes could affect reliability and what can be done to protect the grid. | USFS
June 28, 2020
The California Public Utilities Commission rejected a huge boost in megawatts for the San Francisco Bay Area that CAISO insists NERC and WECC reliability standards require.