Hudson Sangree

CAISO / West Correspondent


Hudson is a former reporter at The Sacramento Bee, where he covered real estate and other business topics, as well as courts, local government and breaking news. Previously he was a staff writer at the Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journals, the nation’s largest legal dailies, where he wrote about California’s energy crisis in the early 2000s. He holds a journalism degree from Stanford University and a J.D. from the Northeastern University School of Law in Boston. He has successfully avoided becoming an attorney for the last 20 years by working as a journalist. He lives in Sacramento with his wife and son.


Most Recent News

May 10, 2021
Western states and utilities must work more closely to prevent capacity shortfalls and the type of energy crisis that roiled the region 20 years ago. | NWPP
May 9, 2021
The CAISO board and EIM Governing Body approved changes to the EIM’s governance structure involving the selection of body members and stakeholder engagement. | © RTO Insider LLC
May 5, 2021
CAISO has launched a new stakeholder initiative to foster the connection of large amounts of energy storage in the coming years. | EKM Metering
May 3, 2021
Supporters and skeptics of a plan to give the EIM’s Governing Body more joint authority with CAISO over changes to the market debated the matter. | CAISO
May 3, 2021
PG&E faces criminal charges and wildfire liabilities not included in last year’s bankruptcy settlement, company officials said in an earnings call. | © RTO Insider LLC
April 29, 2021
The need for uniform EV charging standards and the limits of state efforts to price carbon highlighted FERC’s technical conference on electrification. | FERC
April 26, 2021
CAISO stakeholders are still wary of the new proposed wheel-through provisions the ISO has submitted to FERC for clarity on the complex issue. | © RTO Insider LLC
April 21, 2021
CAISO’s board approved limits on wheel-throughs during strained system conditions, despite opposition from utilities and the EIM Governing Body. | © RTO Insider LLC
April 20, 2021
The Western EIM Governing Body rejected CAISO’s proposal to head off summer capacity shortfalls by limiting wheel-throughs during times of scarcity. | CAISO
April 19, 2021
FERC Chair Richard Glick and NERC CEO James Robb: The West needs to build transmission lines to connect renewable resources to load. | CREPC-WIRAB