Amanda Durish Cook

MISO Correspondent


Amanda has worked in newspapers for over a decade, first contributing to community papers in Michigan before working as a reporter and editor for The Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville, Fla. Amanda is an alumna of the University of Michigan and is back in the Midwest where she belongs. She resides in Indianapolis, Ind. with her husband Scott and dog Ichabod. You can find her camping, canoeing, skiing and making her way through the titles in Oprah’s Book Club.


Most Recent News

May 13, 2021
MISO said it will make a first attempt at a long-term resource forecast, taking into account members' evolving resource mix over a 20-year timeframe. | MISO
May 11, 2021
MISO said that it will skip over the participation of small DER aggregations in its FERC Order 2222 compliance plan in order to simplify the market design. | © RTO Insider LLC
May 9, 2021
MISO hopes to have a new demand-side management tool fully operational by July for its members to manage their load-modifying resource fleets. | MISO
May 5, 2021
MISO says it has 146 GW of capacity to cover a projected summer peak of 122 GW. But staff said emergency declarations could be made in all three months. | Entergy
May 4, 2021
TVA CEO Jeff Lyash hinted during the Atlantic Council’s Innovation and the Future of Energy webinar that the federal utility could cease coal use by 2035. | TVA
May 2, 2021
MISO planners stressed the importance of long-range transmission planning at a recent stakeholders' workshop, but some representatives were skeptical. | © RTO Insider LLC
April 28, 2021
Michigan regulators will assess a 2019 MISO transmission project to determine whether it should remain in the grid operator’s 2019 Transmission Expansion Plan. | The Croswell
April 22, 2021
Despite progress in reducing GHGs, Southeastern utilities aren't poised to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy said. | SACE
April 20, 2021
Within 20 years, increasing electrification could have MISO members building hundreds of gigawatts of new generation, a new report says. | AEG
April 13, 2021
The IURC approved a rule change to dramatically cut the net metering credits earned by rooftop solar owners in southwest Indiana. | NIPSCO