Calif. Worries High Rates Could Hurt Climate Efforts

California’s energy policy leaders came together to weigh the potential impact of the state’s sharply rising electricity rates on its electrification goals. | CPUC

New PG&E Corp. CEO Patti Poppe vowed change as she laid out her vision for the state’s largest utility, which reported a loss of $1.05/share for 2020. | Tanner Hembree/USDA Forest Service

A Washington state cap-and-trade bill designed to cut greenhouse gases and aid low-income residents faces a key vote Feb. 25. | Washington Department of Ecology

CAISO issued a draft final proposal for its summer readiness market enhancements initiative just three weeks after presenting a straw proposal. | Shutterstock

The Colorado AQCC enacted the nation’s strictest rules around methane emissions from the pneumatic controllers used in oil and gas production facilities. | Shutterstock

A plan to build small community solar projects and reduce electric bills for some low-income residents in Nevada is facing pushback from consumer advocates. | Shutterstock

The California PUC is seeking ways to help the millions of utility customers with their past-due energy bills stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. | California PUC

Nevada lawmakers are planning to introduce an array of clean energy bills this legislative session, including a measure to expand electric transmission. | DOE

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