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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.  What is RTO Insider?

RTO Insider provides independent, objective coverage of the RTO/ISO stakeholder process as it takes place in meeting rooms and conferences across the United States.

Q.  What is ERO Insider?

ERO Insider provides coverage of NERC’s standards development and enforcement at a national and regional level.

In both cases, we’re the only media in the rooms where these crucial policies are debated.

Q.  Where is RTO Insider based?

RTO Insider LLC (publisher of RTO Insider and ERO Insider) is headquartered in the Washington, DC area, with correspondents strategically located across the country. We have built our enterprise from the ground up here in the United States. Our technology infrastructure—server and data—sits in a server farm in the heartland of the country. You can look us up by heading to http://ipinfo.io/ to see for yourself! (Those digits are the Internet Address of RTO Insider LLC’s server.)

Q.  What kind of subscriptions plans do you offer? How much do they cost?

We offer two types of subscriptions to RTO Insider. Individuals can choose between our Newsletter PDF Only plan (which includes our weekly wrap-up and 10 articles on our site each month) and our Newsletter PDF Plus Web plan (which includes the weekly wrap-up and unlimited access to the content at rtoinsider.com). There is one paid plan for ERO Insider, which includes unlimited access. Finally we have an unlimited plan which provides access to both news sources. Pricing is available here.

Q. Do you have any discounts?

We offer discounts when multiple employees within a company subscribe. We also offer discounts for non-profit companies, associations, government agencies, state regulatory agencies, small businesses and law firms. Think you qualify? Contact our sales and support team at support@rtoinsider.com.

Q.  How many articles can I see on your site before I commit to spending money?

Anyone can register for free to read up to two articles each month. We also offer free, no obligation trial subscriptions (for two weeks to RTO Insider and one month to ERO Insider).

Q.  How often do you publish?

We publish RTO Insider news at least once a day to our website. We publish our weekly wrap-up on Tuesdays, and send a link to it with that day’s “Today @ RTO Insider” email with the content just published. We publish at least two ERO Insider stories over the course of a week and send a weekly wrap-up email on Friday.

Q.  Who are your writers?

Our writers are experienced business journalists with expertise in energy and utilities. See About Us.

Q.  Who are your subscribers?

Some of our subscribers are “in the room” along with us, some can’t attend every meeting – or any meetings. But they have in common a need to know what’s happening in the RTOs and ISOs and at NERC. For a sample, see Who Subscribes.

Q.  How do you track my usage?

We use cookies to track usage on our site and LockLizard document encoding to secure access and track usage of our newsletters. Both methods are designed to allow us to support current and potential customers. For more on how we respect web visitors’ privacy, see our Privacy Policy.

Q.  What payment methods do you accept?

Individual subscriptions can be purchased directly on our site using a credit card. We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We are also happy to work with subscribers who would prefer to pay by check or ACH. Contact our sales and support team at support@rtoinsider.com.

Q.  How can I access my account?

To log-in (or register for an account), click here (note that a link to log in is in both the upper-right-hand and lower left-hand corner of every page). To access your account information (which enables you to change your password, update your payment information, change your subscription plan, see any receipts, select your email frequency and opt out of promotional messages), click on “Your Account,” also in the upper-right and lower-hand corners of every page. Alternatively, once you’re logged on, click here.

Q.  I signed up for email and I’m not receiving any. What can I do?

Try adding “Today@RTOInsider.com” or “EROInsider@RTOInsider.com” to your address book/contact list. You could also ask your IT Department to add both our domain (rtoinsider.com) and our sending IP address ( to your company’s email whitelist.


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