Cold Weather Standards Team Sticking to Year-end Target

The team working on cold weather preparedness standards confirmed that the joint inquiry by NERC and FERC into the Texas outages will not affect its schedule. | © ERO Insider

NARUC released a guideline stating that public utility commissions must play a role in building their organizations’ cybersecurity expertise. | NARUC

NERC Trustees Robin Manning and George Hawkins were re-elected to the ERO's board, and Sue Kelly and Larry Irving joined to replace Jan Schori. | NERC

The rejection of the standard authorization request for Project 2020-01 has left the SPIDER Working Group in a quandary regarding its next steps. | NERC

FERC approved a settlement between ReliabilityFirst and ITC Holdings subsidiary Michigan Electric Transmission Company for violations of NERC reliability standards. | ITC Holdings

NERC is accepting comment on proposed changes to several CIP reliability standards intended to “incorporate virtualization and future technologies.” | Shutterstock

The teams for two projects working to revise the same two NERC standards are considering how to merge their work after stakeholders expressed support for the idea. | Interior Department

NERC opened a third formal comment period on the standard authorization request for Project 2019-04 following revisions by the drafting team.

FERC’s proposal for incentivizing public utilities to invest in cybersecurity improvements provoked a range of reactions from industry stakeholders. | Shutterstock