Southern Calif. Could Fail RA Test, WECC Says

The California-Mexico subregion cannot maintain resource adequacy without imports, and the greatest risk of shortages is in Southern California, WECC said. | WECC

ERCOT said that enough generation had returned to service to stop the rotating outages that began Feb. 15. | ERCOT

FERC Chair Richard Glick said he may seek new reliability standards to ensure better preparation for severe winter conditions following outages in Texas and the Midwest.

The inability of Midwestern grid operators to recover quickly from extreme winter weather drew increasing customer anger, along with scrutiny from regulators. | Ken Bruce

Drones have the potential to revolutionize utilities’ information gathering and grid resilience, according to speakers at NARUC's Winter Policy Summit. | NARUC

WECC's Desert Southwest region is at risk of failing to meet loads during its peak hour this year even under the most optimistic assumptions according to a new report. | WECC

The Northwest Power Pool is moving to wrap up the design phase of its regional resource adequacy program, stakeholders heard. | NWPP

FERC approved a settlement between ReliabilityFirst and ITC Holdings subsidiary Michigan Electric Transmission Company for violations of NERC reliability standards. | ITC Holdings

FERC’s proposal for incentivizing public utilities to invest in cybersecurity improvements provoked a range of reactions from industry stakeholders. | Shutterstock