Anger Rises over Texas Power Restoration

The inability of Midwestern grid operators to recover quickly from extreme winter weather drew increasing customer anger, along with scrutiny from regulators. | Ken Bruce

NERC’s Standards Committee moved forward with two standards projects, but not before revisiting an ongoing argument about the standards development process. | NERC

In its annual report, NERC applauded the ERO Enterprise for advancing the reliability and security of the power grid during an “extraordinary" year. | NERC

NERC said grid planners must prepare for the coming surge in battery storage, which is expected to double to 4 GW by 2023. | NERC

NERC Trustees Robin Manning and George Hawkins were re-elected to the ERO's board, and Sue Kelly and Larry Irving joined to replace Jan Schori. | NERC

The rejection of the standard authorization request for Project 2020-01 has left the SPIDER Working Group in a quandary regarding its next steps. | NERC

NERC’s Standards Committee is accelerating the pace at which it approves standard authorization requests for industry comment, causing concern among members. | NERC

Panelists at NERC’s Reliability Leadership Summit called for fresh thinking to address emerging cybersecurity threats. | NERC

FERC’s proposal for incentivizing public utilities to invest in cybersecurity improvements provoked a range of reactions from industry stakeholders. | Shutterstock