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ERCOT, SPP, CAISO Recount Summer Challenges

By Rich Heidorn Jr.

CAISO and BC Hydro recounted their first challenges as newly minted RCs, while ERCOT and SPP talked of surviving a difficult summer at the NERC Operating Subcommittee meeting. | WECC

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  1. […] In a podcast accompanying the summer assessment, members of FERC’s Office of Energy Policy and Innovation (OEPI) and Office of Electric Reliability (OER), which drafted the report, said the outlook for this summer is comparable to last year, when ERCOT reported a considerably lower reserve margin of 8.5%. (See Abundance of Summer Capacity — Except in Texas.) This led to what the grid operator characterized as a “difficult August,” though it was able to operate reliably throughout the summer months. (See ERCOT, SPP, CAISO Recount Summer Challenges.) […]

    May 26, 2020

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